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      Version 10.0

      Build 10.0.185

      Had a massive update this morning from McAfee, but ever since I have not had Spam Protection on my Thunderbird.

      Was there a problem?
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          Try these fixes....

          First verify that the toolbar is turned on in SpamKiller/Anti-Spam:

          1. Open SecurityCenter.
          2. Click E-mail & IM.
          3. Click Configure in the right pane.
          4. In the Spam protection is enabled pane, click Advanced.
          5. Click E-mail Toolbars in the left pane.
          6. Verify a checkmark is present in the box beside the email client in which you want the toolbar to display.

          If the toolbar is already checked in SpamKiller/Anti-Spam and the toolbar is not visible, see the appropriate solution below to re-register the specific plug-in DLL for your email client.

          For Thunderbird....

          1. Close Thunderbird.
          2. Click Start, Run, type CMD, and click OK.

          Note: For Windows Vista users, you must open a command prompt with administrator privileges. Click Start, Find, type CMD, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

          3. Type CD %ProgramFiles%\McAfee\MSK (For Windows Vista 64-bit, use CD %programfiles(x86)%\McAfee\MSK) and press ENTER.
          4. Type REGSVR32 TBIRDINS.DLL and press ENTER.
          5. Open Thunderbird.

          The SpamKiller/Anti-Spam toolbar should now be visible.

          If not then go to Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (Programs/Uninstall a Program in Vista)
          Locate the McAfee Security Center item and select it for Uninstall.
          When presented with the menu select only Spamkiller/Anti-Spam for removal.

          Uninstall Anti-Spam, shut down Thunderbird and then reinstall from your online account using the Customize option that will be presented early on in the process.
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            Hi Mate,

            Thank you so much !!

            Did the CMD stuff and now all sorted.

            Owe you a beer.

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              Good. Glad it's fixed and thanks for the offer, I'll have a Newcastle Brown Ale...;-)

              Moved to the solved area.