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    ePO Agent Installs (sort of) but does not communicate with Server


      I have a werid issue. I am using the ePO Frame Package agenct v4.0. I install it on a Windows 2008 Standard Edition server. The agent installs correctly. The service runs. No issues. But it does not communicate with the ePO server. What makes it odd is that even though the agent installs correctly it does not write anything to the registry on the server.

      --> SOFTWARE
      ----> NETWORK ASSOCIATES (Does not exist!)

      We are in the mist of deploying out Windows servers. Some it works on some it doesn't. There is no difference between the servers. Same hardware, etc... I am doing the install as a Domain Admin. On the servers it works I have been using the same account. The account also has full permission to the above key.

      Any thoughts or ideals? Also there is nothing in the error log. By all accounts minus the registry issue you would think it should run.

      Thanks.... T