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    EPO, McAfee agent 4.0 and EMC PowerPath

      The problem i'm having is that our McAfee agent 4.0 can't connect to the EPO server to update, get policies etc. It's installed on a clusered SQL server connected to a SAN.

      The reason why its not working is here

      simply McAfee Agent 4.0 is not compatible with Powerpath, because they both use RSA libraries.

      I can't uninstall powerpath, its required so provide failover in the SAN. and there is a risk of a virus if i remove the agent. there are reported cases of this causing the cluster to try and failover but it fails, which is bad and needs to be fixed.

      *worth pointing our here i'm NOT an AV experct or EPO*

      The knowledge base article suggests rolling back the agent to version 3.6, however as i understant it you can't have two agents on an EPO server (can someone confirm?) if this is not the case how would i go about setting up the second agent. can an EPO server not support different agents at the sametime?

      can i manually configure the agent with the policies / updates i require until agent 4.5 is released. Don't like this option, but trying to come up with potential solutions.

      hope you can help.