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    Update a PC without a task ?!

      Good morning !

      I have a funny problem today :D

      I'm testing a PC with the NAC technology, in a special group in which I don't create an autoupdate task. BUT my PC even updated yesterday night :confused:

      The only manip I did was that I cancelled the .DAT yesterday. Does this action make the PC update even I don't want it to update?

      I'm really confused because it is important for a compliant test.
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          Here I found on the Agentlog :

          2009-05-06 21:56:54 I #3128 updater Automatic update session for initiator EPOAGENT3000 started

          And something which could help some lines before :

          2009-05-06 21:56:53 I #3128 Agent CePOAgent::EnforcePolicy priority=-2

          If the entire logs can help you, I can copy them wink