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    Upgrading from 8.5i to 8.7i


      I've got a little project where the aim is to upgrade the mcafee software on ~150 workstation and ~15 servers and I'm unsure about the uprade of VirusScan from 8.5 to 8.7.

      They currently have:

      EPO 4.0.0 (build 1113)
      VirusScan & AntiSpyware 8.5i
      Agent 4 (v1345)(i know this is not supported by 8.5i)

      I'm planning to go about this project in this way.

      • Download all the software to EPO server.
      • Upgrade EPO to the latest version.
      • Checkin all the software.
      • Run ePOPolicyMigration to ensure the current policies are applied to the new VirusScan.
      • The following will be done to small subsets of machine.
      • *This is where I'm not 100% sure what to do*
      • Modify the VirusScan & AntiSpyware 8.5i deployment tasks so that they:
      • a: install 8.7i instead of 8.5i
      • or
      • b: uninstall 8.5i then installs 8.7i
      • or
      • c: uninstall 8.5i (in this instance I'd create another task that would install VirusScan 8.7i)
      • Verify that install was sucessful.
      • Modify the agent deployment task so that the new build is installed.
      • Verify that agent install was sucessful.

      How would you recommend that I upgrade to VirusScan 8.7i? Uninstall 8.5 first or install it over the top? Should I uninstall 8.5 then install 8.7 in a single task or create 2 tasks, one to uninstall t'other to install?

      What's the best practice for this upgrade? Any other thoughts?