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    Symantec AV to McAfee VirusScan Migration Assistance

      We are looking to migrate a part of our company (450 Windows PCs) from Symantec to McAfee. The computers are currently running Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 9.x and are managed via Symantec System Center. We have new hardware that we will be installing ePO 4.0 on. We need to remove SAV from these 450 systems and install McAfee Agent 4/VirusScan 8.5 to them. I am looking for a plan of action to accomplish this. I was wondering if ePO (after McAfee Agent is deployed) has the ability to remove Symantec AV before installing VirusScan? Any tips/suggestions would be much appreciated.
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          The McAfee AV Installer will attempt to remove the majority of mainstream commercial AV products prior to installing itself.

          ePO allows you to import lists of systems from plain text files so provided that you can generate a suitable formatted list from your Symantec Console importing it the structure into ePO shouldn't be too tiresome.

          Your main "problem area" I would guess will be replicating your current AV policy setup over onto the policy options available in the AV product but I guess that's the bit you'll need to spend some time on configuring and testing.

          Have a good read of the available documentation and get some hands on tesing setup for ePO ASAP and get comfortable with the concepts it relies on. If you can try and get some training.

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            symantec also provide a full removal tool for problem installs, you may want to download this in advance