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    EPO 4.0 reporting - Number of infections by month virus name

      hi all .... I'm in the process of testing a new version of the McAfee epo 4 software. In one of the previous versions of the EPO reporting there was a report we used to generate regularly called Number of infections by month showing virus name.
      I'd like to get the new verison to produce a similar report type, bar chart broken down for the last two months to show virus names and number of detections, is there an equivilent report type in EPO version 4?

      Thanks in advance
        • 1. Monthly detection report
          I know there is a default query called VSE Threats Detected Per Week. Try to copy or duplicate that and name it per month or whatever you want. Edit this new query to show detections for the last month, Threat name etc. Then on one of your dashboard monitor, use this query. From there you can export the data and print the report.
          I hope this helps. The way you want to customize the query is really up to you.
          • 2. RE: EPO 4.0 reporting - Number of infections by month virus name

            Sharkmeat, do this:

            Create a query with the following:

            Result Type: Summary Table. Configure Item Values to equal NUMBER OF EVENTS, and the Item Labels to be THREAT NAME. We set the sort order to be by VALUE (DECENDING).

            Chart: Select THREAT NAME as the only Selected Column

            Filter: Include THREAT NAME, and then exclude stuff like EICAR detections, and from here you can also exclude Cookie based detections if you want. McAfee Cookie detections start their threat names with COOKIE 99.9999% of the time. You can also set the report time span by including EVENT RECEIVED TIME and configuring it for the last X weeks/months, or between X date and Y date.

            Save that, and you have a nice summary table with all the threats that your AV has detected.