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    No policies available for - "VIRUSCAN8600".

      one! fo our Clients got the following error in the agen Log:


      2009-05-04 16:05:56 i #2668 Manage Richtlinien für VIRUSCAN8600 werden durchgesetzt
      2009-05-04 16:05:56 I #2668 Manage CManage::EnforcePolicies() - No policies available for - "VIRUSCAN8600".

      The client got the same preferneces as all the other Clients.
      No manual policies or other manual set things.

      Why also he cant find the policies?

      Reinstalling Virusscan and deleteing the system from the ePO console didnt helped.

      Using Agent P2 and EPO4 P4

      Any Idea?