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    Mcafee agent 4.0 Rebooting clients


      We have just tested an EPO agent 4.0 deployment. All out clients are XP sp3. For some strange reason all our laptop estate when they receive the EPO 4 agent update from 3.6 they get stuck into a reboot loop, our dekstop,server estate are fine. That is after the agent is installed - we reboot the laptop and once it loads up into the OS the agent keeps asking for another reboot and its gets stuck in this loop - keeps asking for a reboot once the OS gets loaded. We can not resolve this issue, without remving the EPO 4 agent.

      Does anyone know why this could be ? are they any know issues with the epo agent 4 patch 2 ? are they any software imcompatible issues with the latest agent ?

      many thanks for any advice