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    Copying Virus Scan Exclusions to different folders

      I have inherited a complex directory structure with over 50 folders and a number of subfolder folders. Policies are not inherited by default as each site has its own repository and with the exception of a HTTP repository should not go go to another site to collect updates. We are still running epolicy 3.61

      A seperate weekly scanning task is configured for a 4 sites which contain several servers within the folders. On access scan for servers contains over 56 exclusions in some case and i have configured on demand scans for the servers on a weekly basis. As i tend to forget i have'nt actually updated the exclusions in the on demand scheduled tasks. I have configured and updated the on demand scan exclusions for one folder but feel there must be an easier way to copy these to the other three sites. I know this can be done at the top of the tree and enabled further down the tree however as the folders also contain workstations i don't want them attempting to read the tasks (even though they will not apply)

      My question is, is it possible to import the on access scans exclusions as on demand scan exclusions and copy to each folder without adding the exclusions one at a time. Thanks