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    PC infected : what happened ?


      It's quite sure a stupid question but...

      I've never been in this difficult case but what happened if one of my managed client is attacked, hacked or already infected? grin
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          I tend to apply some full scans to them either via EPO or from the VSE console, also block the infection source if its webbased or send the user a nasty email if its removable media.

          Depending on what it is I may also recommend it has some additional third party scans
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            For instance : a Trojan (I don't know if it's the right word in English...a botnet I think) infect a Pc: a mail notification is received but how can we react in our ePO server?

            We have policies for several infections (spam or virus) BUT the policies are not adapted for all infections (like we saw with Confiker). How do an ePO admin have to react in a case of uncontrolled infection ?

            Scan is not the perfect way to fight against a virus I think (I'm not aware with the secure policies :confused: )