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    Epo server can't recognize clients

      Hi, this is my first post here. Hope that someone of you can help me to find a solution to this problem.

      Have EPO 4.0 in a Windows 2003 SBS sp2 server, and Viruscan Enterprise 8.5.0i in 10 clients. On EPO I synchronized the active directory that is on the same server and it show me the clients names, but nothing more. Can't see the clients IP's on the EPO console.
      Also I can send agents to clients, but when I try to update agents from clients they can't update directly from server:
      Failed to connect to server dc1.edittec.local. Check the agent log for more details.
      Error occurred while downloading file SiteStat.xml
      says the agent log file.
      And then, they update from directly McAfeeHttp repository.
      So, I don't know if I missing something and any help will be grateful.