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    DLP 10 Repository Definitions Import/Export


      ImportIssue_ePO.pngWe are in the process of deploying and configuring our DLP 10 Discover in ePO. We have a lot of repositories that we created manually that list will grow even higher.


      There is an option from the Actions menu to export/import. What it does is exports all repos in XML format and imports in the same format as well. The problem we are having is once exported we cannot successfully import it.


      We getting error Import Failed:



      • Items can only be imported to catalog 'd3ab4ed4-efab-48d2-840d-714cbf76b888'. ID: e66e736d-5ecd-4fdd-9e0b-74d1888a746a


      We simplified this and exported current repo we had only one for a test. We deleted it and tried to import the same file that we exported minutes before into the same place/environment.


      Did anybody had the same issue? Is there a special format we have to modify the xml file before importing. There is nothing in the product guide other than simply click menu > export and than import.