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    ENS 10.5 on Servers




      Didn't know which group to put this in, so MODS if you need to move please do.


      Ok so on my physical servers I used to use VSE. (no firewall), but now ENS has settled in I've started to replace VSE with ENS 10.5.


      The ENS options I have used are - Platform and Threat Protection and also DXL is installed. We don't access the web from our servers so I didn't put on the Web protection. I tested installing the ENS firewall on our Physicals and also the HIPS FW. On removing the HIPS FW it corrupted two OS installations on different servers (2008R2) and they need to be recovered via backup.


      So i'm not liking HIPS at the moment.


      Also test HIPS on my Virtual servers along with Move 4.5.1 and i'm not sure its even worth it.


      Do you use a FW on virtual and physical servers and also ENS?