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    Rogue System Detection

      I've just been given the responsibility for deploying the Rogue System Detection function for our organization (currently running ePO 4.0.2). After having read the section of the ePO docs on RSD, I still have a few questions.

      We have about 1800 client computers scattered throughout about 200 subnets. I can't use an RSD sensor on our DHCP servers, since they don't user Windows. Most of our other servers are concentrated in 4 subnets. So, I'm going to have to use regular desktop computers for RSD sensors, but the Desktop Support staff is concerned about the possible performance hit on those machines....does anyone have any hard data about this? Maybe some "before & after" Perfmon-type data?

      What about programs that the RSD sensor might interfere with? Any that don't "play nice" with RSD?

      The docs say "While maintaining as many as five or ten sensors in a broadcast
      segment should not cause any bandwidth issues, you should not maintain more sensors in a broadcast segment than is necessary to guarantee coverage."...how many do most people/organizations use per segment?

      Any other gotcha's I should know about?