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    setting up a test epo

      we have 3.6.1 running live and want to setup a test server on vmware with epo 4.0 to
      1. see how it installs etc
      2. get used to epo 4.0

      can i have a test epo 4.0 running with the live epo 3.6.1 server and is there any documentation on how to do this please, as i iamgine this has been done a lot by others, just that i cannot seem to find any info on it.
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          You can have as many ePO servers as you like - it's just that a client system can only be managed by one of them at a time - to switch between servers you can simply force a new agent out to the clients you are testing on.

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            Thanks Jmaxwell, for the update
            we have the database on sql 2005. when installing the new server, i assume i point it to the current database, and then
            I am going to install the new one on vmware for now to run along side the master repository.
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              We don't allow any access to the production SQL DB from the test ebvirinment <Shudders> ;)

              We have a test SQL DB

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                Thanks and a good point, that is now sorted, got dba to restore a backup of the live one to a test environment and will get on with it.
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                  "Playground Complete" grin
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                    when i installed epo 3.6.1 patched it to the same as the live one and it was installed with an msde. i had a copy of the live database on a sql 2000 box.
                    I also made sure that i added to the repository all that was in the live one as well.
                    I then followed the mcafee instructions on migrating from an MSDE to a sql server completely.

                    i then attempted to logon to the teset epo server with a copy of the live database, and got the following messages:

                    reading files for alert manager 4.7.0

                    Error downloading policy translation file for ALERTMNG4700.Do you want to continue

                    cannot access server. the server maybe down or you may have spcified an incorrect port.

                    i have checked the ports etc, the only thing i can think of is the database contains info on the live server. my test server has a different name and ip address. Would this have anything to do with it.
                    i have reverted back to the original snapshot and removed and readded alert manager. but when it is pointing to the new database it does not load. but i can connect under the reporting epo databses to the test one. Anyone have any ideas please?