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    Seafile conflict with VSE 8.8




      We run VSE 8.8p8 and are seeing a conflict with the open source application Seafile, specifically its GUI.


      The applications constantly hangs, freeing up for a second or two before completely hanging once again.

      Here's a video showing what I mean: https://youtu.be/vpdYxeNW2y42 - the application is basically unusable.


      Uninstalling VSE fixes the problem completely, as does disabling the 'Base Filter Engine' service, although both are obviously undesirable.

      Disabling the "Access Protection" or  "On-Access Scanner" services in the VirusScan Console does not fix the problem.


      The application communicates with an internal server on port 443.

      There don't seem to be any errors in the AP logs or the Windows Event Viewer.


      I wondered if anyone had any suggestions to either help debug the issue, or work around it in some way.