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    VSE 8.8 patch 9 On-Access Scanner disabled on system start-up


      Did fresh installs of VSE 8.8 patch 9 repost on my workstations.  Since the install, on one Win7-32 bit box On-Access scanner was always disabled on system start-up.  And on another Win7-32 bit box On-Access would sometimes be disabled on system start-up.


      I went around in circles for a while doing uninstalls, reinstalls, looking at settings, and finally saw that of the 7 windows services that start with McAfee that should be running, the one named "McAfee McShield" was not running even though it was set to startup type "Automatic".  I clicked the service and chose Start and suddenly everything was up and running.  Saw nothing in the windows event viewer to indicate that McShield was having any kind of trouble...


      A temporary fix for this on these Win7 boxes, I have found, is to change just the McShield service from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed Start). I did this by running regedit, navigating to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\McShield] , and create DWORD value "DelayedAutostart" and set to 1 , and reboot.


      I haven't seen this issue yet on my Win8.1-64bit box, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that on the Win 8.1 box the McShield service has different startup type that on Win7.  On the Win 8.1 box it is set to Automatic (Trigger Start).