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      I've just installed Safe Family on my daughters iPhone and my iPad and now almost all of the apps we both had have disappeared including the AppStore.  How can I undo the install of Safe Family and revert to what it was previously?

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          Hello mleibling

          Do not panic. This is by the design of McAfee Safe Family app on iOS. Try to switch to Parent profile on the affected device and at that instance you should be able to see the blocked apps.

          For step by step instruction see below


          1. Open the Safe Family app.
          2. If you are not logged in with your Parent account, select Switch Profile.
          3. Type your administrator (parent) account name and password.
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            I don't see the SafeFamily App.  The only apps I can see on oth devices are the native apple apps

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              Let me tag an expert from the Safe family team. esaung am sure we should be seeing Safe Family app in both the profiles

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                I tagged him/sent an email this morning also.

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                  Hi mleibling,

                  what you need to do is to get another device installed with safe family. safe family is designed for parents to interact with the app from their device and provide the protection and visibility on their child's device.


                  first of all, like Selvan said, don't worry the apps are still on your child's device. they are simply hidden from view.


                  to get them unhidden, you will need to install safe family on another device - it can be android, ios, or windows. once you login with your parent account email and password, you will see that you can manage the rules for your child's device.


                  once you do that, on the parent device, you can change the age rating for the apps that get blocked and they will reappear on your child's device.


                  There are two places you can go to make that change:


                  1.) far left "activity" tab - tap on your child's name - tap in the middle between the allowed and blocked app counts and you will see a screen like this.



                  2.) on the "rules" tab - tap on your child's name - tap on "apps" - "change rules for ios devices" - change the age range that is blocked for your child.

                       -if you don't which apps are in which age range, you can tap on the ">" button and it will give you a list of apps installed on your child's device that is that particular age range.