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    Require a restart


      Does ENS 10.5 require a reboot when installed on servers?

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          From client WIndows 7 / 8 / 10 expierence (Not servers). Don't put it on a CITRIX/Terminal Server TODATE is my recommandation...


          it depends FROM which version:


          8.8 P9




          you migrate to 10.5.1.


          On some clients we had to restart to get all 2 BASE Modules


          ENS 10.5.1 Platooform

          ENS 10.5.1 Theart


          Running and up.


          We have also realesd a blog entry and recommandation to Update Agent 5.0.5.X BEFORE you do the 10.5.1 Migration.

          Some customers had problems with the 5.0.4 agent and the 10.5.1 Migration. After the Migratiom NO AMCORE Update.

          That was solved by the 5.0.5 PRIO and AFTER the Failed Migration.

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