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    sQL tcp port remains at 1310 instead of 1433.helpASAP

      I am a first time user of epo4. Server config is windows server 2003 standard sp2. So i comfortably go through all the whitepaper before i install as a 1st time. I do everythin right at least i think i did until after the install i cant push agents, i cant push already checked in VSE8.5. And from the agent log of the systems i added to my *new group* it shows failure.also from the server task report shows failure. Even when i manually instal framepkg.exe on client system, wakeup still fails. I then recheck my installed config and then notice that my sql tcp port is 1310 instead of 1433.my question is:if sql tcp port is 1310 instead of 1433 will it prevent any data/packet comm. Like agent/package push...secondly i uninstalled and tried reinstalling to change config but the sql tcp port area is greyed out (in the choose database section)so i cant change the value.it was like dat when i did my first install.pls help my job is on the line!!