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    Can you install ePo, SMS, and WSUS all on one server?

      I have this crazy idea of installing ePo and Microsoft's WSUS onto my existing SMS 2003 server, that way I have all my updating done from one server. I use SMS to install applications, and want to use WSUS for Windows and Office updates, then ePo for my McAfee stuff.

      Has anyone done this successfully? any tips or hints? I'd like to not break my working SMS server when doing this happy
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          I wouldn't. If you wanted to use the same box I recommend you pickup the free version of VMWare, virtualize it and run all three as separate servers. It gives you more flexibility.

          There's no reason why you couldn't install all three on the same server though. None of these products use much in terms of hardware resources.

          I'm curious as to why you would use WSUS if you have SMS? Why not deploy updates through SMS?
          • 2. Reasoning
            The reason I want to use WSUS as opposed to SMS is due to time savings and how much easier it is. In WSUS, you just open up the Console, tell the update to approve, and you're all done. I could spend 1 minute a month approving all the new Microsoft updates via WSUS, as opposed to much longer with SMS.

            The VMWare solution may be a good idea, as i think all three products want to use port 80 by default, which would cause problems. Hoping someone else out there has conquered this battle, and wouldn't mind sharing how.
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              Makes sense, I run WSUS and I totally agree that it's a breeze to manage. happy
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                Laszlo G
                For my experience I have had problems when WSUS and ePO 4were installed on the same server, I don't know why but having the 2 databses on the same server collapsed the ePO consolo and the WSUS server sad
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                  sooo sooo glad you shared your experience here.  Saved me the grief of finding this out the hard way. Thx!

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                    I've had all 3 running on the same server since May and no problems whatsoever.  Works like a champ.

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                      Are you using McAfee ePO 4.5 and WSUS 3.0 SP2 and I assume your using different http ports, correct?



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                        only ePo 4.0 was out back then, and yeah to WSUS.  Below is what I have for my ports in ePo


                        Agent-to-server communication port:81
                        Agent wake-up communication port:8181
                        Agent broadcast communication port:8082
                        Event parser-to-application server communication port:8445
                        Console-to-application server communication port:8443
                        Sensor-to-server communication port:8444



                        Hope that helps you guys.

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                          Is this configuration still working out for you?  If so, can you tell me exactly how you configured ePO and WSUS so they could peacfully coexist on the same server?  Any help here would be greatly appreciated as it may be that I will not have another machine on which to place WSUS.


                          kind regards,



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