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    EPO 5.9 failed attempt to upgrade - missing Repository Package Status monitor


      I have tried to upgrade my EPO server from 5.3.2 to 5.9.  During the process, it was suggested to remove incompatible extensions such as Site Advisor and Product Improvement Program.


      I did as suggested and removed the incompatible extensions.  The installation went through a long time (more than 15 minutes) only to fail with the final step of upgrading the EPO DB (my DBA has notified me of the failed logins, even though I'm sure I have the right credentials).


      The installer reverted everything back to 5.3.2 but now my Repository Package Status monitor isn't showing the usual data, just the following error : "This monitor can't be displayed due to an unrecoverable error"


      Any idea if this is because I have removed the Product Improvement Program extension?  And if it is the case, how do I install it back to my EPO server?  If not, how do I get back my Repository Package Status monitor?