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    Quick clean not deleting all files

      Every time I run quick clean, files and cookies are still left in the temporary file folder.
      I can delete them manually no problem. Every time I talk with tech support the tell me that some files cannot be removed if they are being used by a program. Duh! I am quite aware of that fact, but the files I am trying to delete are not being used.
      Twice now I have used screen sharing with a tech to prove that the files and cookies can be deleted but quick clean will not delete them. I am losing my mind here running around in circles. Can anybody help me?
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          Quickclean is not meant as a substitute for Windows own tools, which do the job far better. It is merely there as a convenience.
          The version in Security Center is the "Lite" version of what was once a fully fledged application in its own right but McAfee decided to discontinue its development.
          It will probably disappear at some stage in the future.
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            This is the first time I have ever used a bulletin board. Its great. Thanks for the quick and simple response. I was wondering why the support techs at McAfee live chat don't simply say that. They have been downloading log files and having me hold on to cookies until after they expire, to see if McAfee quick clean can then delete them. Could someone point me in the right direction of exactly what quick clean is capable of. The help section is rather generic and if I could know exactly what quick clean can and cannot do, I could be on my way and not have to deal with this anymore.
            Thanks again,

            Eric Carpenter
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              The picture below show the default settings and I wouldn't recommend using anything different unless you know exactly what you are doing. I personally do not recommend registry cleaners at all as they do more harm than good IMHO.

              The Total Protection User Guide should help you here: http://download.mcafee.com/products/manuals/en-us/MTP_userguide_2009.pdf

              (You need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to read it).

              Page 183 onwards.


              QuickClean improves your computer's performance by deleting
              files that can create clutter on your computer. It empties your
              Recycle Bin and deletes temporary files, shortcuts, lost file
              fragments, registry files, cached files, cookies, browser history
              files, sent and deleted e-mail, recently used files, Active-X files,
              and system restore point files. QuickClean also protects your
              privacy by using the McAfee Shredder component to securely and
              permanently delete items that may contain sensitive, personal
              information, such as your name and address. For information
              about shredding files, see McAfee Shredder.

              There is also a table there that outlines in detail what each type of cleaner does.
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                Hey thanks Ex_Brit for taking time out of your weekend to answer my question. That
                PDF file is more detailed then the help section of the McAfee security center. I understand that you advised that quick clean is no substitute for windows tools but have you heard of anything more specific about quick clean not being able to delete specific files or cookies. I mean like cookies that have not yet expired or GIF or PNG images or HTML documents. Can quick clean out all temp files or just some? Every time I run it there are there are still 40 or 50 files left in the temporary Internet files folder that can all be deleted manually.
                One last question on quick clean. One reason I like to run it is just in case there is some undetected piece spyware or virus that slipped through that it would be deleted. And there for keep my computer just a tiny bit safer. I am I off track in my thinking?
                Thanks again for your help,
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                  I'm afraid I don't know regarding it missing certain files. Technical Support Chat may know - link at top left of page or in my signature.

                  Quickclean is useless at protecting against malware, only VirusScan and the Firewall are useful in that regard.

                  You should also arm yourself with some extra anti-spyware tools. There are a few good free ones listed here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=136913
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                    Thank you, ex-Brit with your timely responses. You are doing a great job here. So thanks for your help.
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                      You're welcome and thanks.