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    PP1.5 -> ePO 3.6 -> ePO 4.0

      So from what I understand, before I go to ePO 4.0, I first need to install ePO 3.6 from PP 1.5. We're currently running the db for PP 1.5 on SQL2005, is there anything special we need to do to connect the ePO install to this db?

      Also, should I install the ePO backend first or should I install the ePO agents first? We're currently running Virus Scan Ent 8.5i, will this version receive updates from ePO without the agent installed?

      Also, would it make life simpler for me to just install and configure ePO 4.0 on a separate server and abandon the PP 1.5 server? Would I be able to attach the db or would it be simpler to start from scratch? I have about 400 desktops...
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          If you have a decent structure and can pull in a machine list easily then I would advise a clean install on a diff server with a clean database.

          Spend plenty of time setting everything up just the way you want it then go live and puss the new agent to the machines based on your imported machine list or using login scripts or group policy scripts or a third party tool.

          You may also want to reduce the access protection rules in PP for VSE to allow the changes macfee to services to be made when the agent is deployed from epo 4
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            I have about 1000 desktops : Is SQL 2005 Express enough powered ?

            Tony : Isn't it better for him to import his old db in ePO 4.0?
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              Yes SQL express 2005 could deal with 1000 easily, just dont store data you dont need and have a maintenance policy setup to clear out data within EPO and on the DB

              His old database will probably not have anything he wants to look at and a lot of crud he doesnt want, once he has moved the agents he can always interrogate the old data anyway on the old server, or through SQL
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                That is more or less true. I inherited this system and it was not maintained as well as it should have been.

                So Tony, the desktops with only 8.5i install will still get get updates from ePO 4.0? Also, should I push out the newest Mcafee agent or stick with the ePO agent?
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                  while still running the old pp setup the new epo 4.0 server checking in the vse versions you want and the latest 4.0 agent, setup all your policies and responses and reports then when you are ready switch dont the access protection rules relating to stopping mcafee services being lartered and just import a client list and push install the new mcafee agent or use a third party tool or sript to do the same