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    acgenral.dll problem

      Hi!. I installed several epo agents + virusscan in windows xp computers and some of the report problems with acgenral.dll
      Is this related to McAfee Agent or McAfee VirusScan 8.7?

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          Hummm...it's also related to Windows. Have you got all the last patches in your PCs?
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            It's a process : it works with the process or the services which are on a silent/hidden mode (I don't know the real expression in English sorry sad the user can't see what you are doing (installing) in his PC)

            Your software as McAfee Agent 4.0 or VSE 8.7 or 8.5 are installed automatically in a silent mode. If they can't be installed in this mode, there is this mess : Are your softwares installed even though there is this mess?
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              Yes, all patches updated via WSUS.
              And yes: The software get installed successfully, but then randomly Windows shows the error with the .dll

              Thanks a lot