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    EPO 5.3.2 SQL Database is almost 291GB




      Need urgent support...


      Issue : EPO 5.3.2 has become too slow, unable to operate anything since from couple of days.


      Reason think so : McAfee EPO SQL database size has increased from 50GB to 291GB, Memort using around 81%.


      Performed : Ran Top 10 events finder in SQL query and ran one more query to delete the event id's which are higher, but still DB has not decreased.

                        : Shrink-ed the McAfee DB, but still unsuccessful.



      Current version using in the environment : McAfee EPO 5.3.2

                                                                        : VSE 8.8 P8.

                                                                        : McAfee Agent 5.0.4

                                                                        : HDLP 9.4.2


      Awaiting for your support and feedback.