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    Alert Manager 4.7


      Could someone tell me if Alert Manager 7 is required for alerting using VirusScan 8.5 and ePo 4?

      I have some machines with it still installed...

      If not required, how would I create a task to uninstall this. I cant seem to find the uninstall feature for Alert Manager under tasks.

      Thanks in advance.

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          alert manager was superceded and is not supported from epo 3.6 onwards.

          you might be able to scrap together some kind of remote uninstall batch using psexec for instance, never used AM4.7 so cant really give good advice.
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            Alert Manager is certainly not required for alerting via ePO when using AV 8.5 - the Event Reporting and Alerting withing ePO however is NOT a 100% match for the Alert Manager Reporting subsystem - as the ePO Alerting is not really "real-time" but it can be configure to suit most peoples requirements.

            It's worth pointing out that Alert Manager is no longer supported by McAfee......

            Regarding uninstallation I think that the Alert Manager Clinet Reporting Functionality is provided as part of the AV installation so all you should need to do is disbale the functionality using the ePO Policies.

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              I wasnt sure when you said installed did you mean you had 4.7 reporting points on servers.. might need some kind of uninstall

              or just the functionality within vse ( where you just turn off the policy in epo vse policy)
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                Hi, thanks for your responses.

                I disabled Alert Manager in ePo under the policy for VSE 8.0.

                The issue was that were machines running 8.5 but that have version 8.0 not removed correctly, so alert manager was still installed.