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    Patch 4 fails to install ePo

      Hi there

      I've got a problem. I just installed McAfee Orchestrator 4.0 (Windows Server 2003 R2) - no patches. Well I tried if the management works and it does perfectly.
      Now I wanted to install Patch 4 for it. But it doesnt work, the following Error Message is out of the Logfile (NAILogs\EPO400-Troubleshoot\McAfee FS Framework\core-patch.log):


      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Installer\core\build.xml:444: java.sql.SQLException: Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

      I looked up in the internet and found the following Page:


      You think this might also be the solution here? - The problem ist I have no clue about the SQL Server (I do not even find the management console for it oO).

      Or you guys have another solution for it?

      Regards & Thx
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          Hi ! (German? :P)

          What's your SQL version? 2005 or 2005 express?
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            Yes german (switzerland) - DAMN, is my english so bad? ;)

            Well the SQL Version is 2005 Express (at least I think this was what I installed ), but I looked in the "Configuration" of SQL Server and there is nothing written of Express - now Im a little confused...

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              "ist" it changes everything ^^ I'm worth in English :D

              This is a link (in frensh sad ) to see the differences between 3 versions of SQL 2005:
              http://www.microsoft.com/france/serveur/sql/versions-precedentes/achetez/version s.mspx

              You can see your version in your Programmes Files (the name of your software is explicit)

              If it is SQL 2005 Express, snapshot before its installation and reinstall SQL express or one other (it's the only way i found last week)
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                I don't get it, what should I see on the link? The diffrence between the versions? - I can't install another, because only Express is free.

                And what do you mean by the program file path? The path ist:

                C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft SQL Server 2005

                with subfolder:

                C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft SQL Server 2005\Configuration Tools
                Where are the following icons:
                SQL Server Configuration Manager
                SQL Server Error and Usage Reporting
                SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

                Still I don't think this is solved through reinstall, because I think the error has to do witht the "Windows Authentificate Mode" i choosed on the database, because I didn't need the "sa" Account.

                Hmm any other ideas? I can't believe that its not possible to create a "SA" or another SQL user?
                • 5. Same Exact Problem
                  I have the same error on trying to load Patch 4. I am using a Win 2003 server that had SQL 2005 on it, and load EPO 4.0 fine. Tried to load patch 4 and get the sql user doesn't exist error. I don't see a database listed for EPO and wonder do I need to install the Express software. Very new to the EPO so an help is appreciated.