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    Can only Wakeup Agents via Systems Tab

      ive got an strange bug with some Clients at the moment.

      I even cant wakeup agents via the System Details Information site.
      In the Servertask Log i only get an Failed entry.

      The Audit Log says this


      Start Time: 4/17/09 1:26:13 PM CEST
      Completion Time: 4/17/09 1:26:13 PM CEST
      Action: Command as Task
      Priority: High
      User Name: Username
      Details: Command ? is finished

      But when i click on Systems then serch for the System there an do an Wake up Agents on the System Overview Site everything is fine and i got the following in the Audit log:


      Start Time: 4/17/09 1:26:54 PM CEST
      Completion Time: 4/17/09 1:26:55 PM CEST
      Action: Wakeup Agent
      Priority: Low
      User Name: Username
      Details: Wakeupagent
      Success: Succeeded

      Any Idea whats happening there?