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    delete restore points ?

      i have 3 in 1. my hard drive is 110 gb. it's usauly at 94. right now it's 76. i haven't used quick clean for a while. i used to use it at least once a month with no problems. i only surf the web and download nothing except what microsoft installs every month. should i use quick clean and remove all restore points?
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          It's your choice but for those kind of things I prefer to use Windows own tools as personal experience has found that using 3rd party tools, especially registry cleaners, can cause problems sometimes.

          You can delete all but the last restore point when you do a general cleanup via Control Panel/System & Maintenance/Free up space.... (in XP) or in Vista, Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Free Up Disk Space and on the More Options tab there is the choice to delete all but the last restore point.

          Or you can temporarily disable System Restore which will delete all restore points.

          Click the attached thumbnail images to see what I mean.
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            i don't have the options tab on my vista premium. but a while ago i found where to view restore points for reference or removal. i don't remeber wher though. probably from a site like vistax64.com.
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              I don't either unless I click the all users option when I first click Free Up Disk Space in CP.

              Click the thumbnail to see what I mean.
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                check it out. i installed service pack 2 this morning. turned off computer came back later to finish with you. about to run disc clean and when i opened window to check disc space to my amazement it read 92.5 gb. it was at 76 when i opened this post. microsoft must hae deleted the restore points upon installation of sp2. i'll remember what you showed me incase i need it later. leave a closing remark if you want. i'll be closeing this post now. thanks for your quick response.
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                  That's great news! Glad you got SP2 installed OK. I'll mark this solved then.