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    Epolicy 4 Lost&Found old entries

      Any way to remove them?

      For instance, a machine that was in an old workgroup that is no longer on the network. The old workgroup will remain in Epolicy Lost and Found even though the machine is no longer on the network. I can't just highlight the old workgroup names and hit delete like I should be able to.
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          I assume you want to delete the unused groups in lost&found?

          Goto Systems, expand Lost&Found, click on the group you want to delete, click on the Groups tab, click on "More" at the bottom and select "Delete".
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            Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I originally kept trying to just highlight the group under Systems and delete it instead of going into the Group Tab and then Group More Actions area. thanks
            • 3. Off-topic :)

              Anyone think the the 4 in ePO V4 actually stands for "4 Clicks Away From What You Actually Want To Do" ?

              Just a thought for a Friday Morning :D

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                haha...maybe so...but I gotta tell ya...since upgrading to ePO4, I am a much happier security camper :P
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                  I end up using RSS a lot and when I am finally forced to move my main epo to 4 I figure its going to be an extra 2 hours a day to do what I currently do...

                  there go my long lunches
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                    Jeff - I'd be interested to hear what facilities/features in V4 make such a difference to your ePO/AV Admin.

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                      Here's just a few happy ...
                      1) tags/sorting (this is the biggest advantage I find...automation is way easier with tags)
                      2) java-be-gone
                      3) web interface
                      4) dashboard with quick search - the new search feature is great (although I wish the search box was on every page!)
                      5) customizability of dashboard
                      6) ease of navigation
                      7) RSD 2.0 and the customizability of responses - for example, you can now filter on portions of MAC instead of the entire MAC (although there are a couple things about RSD 1.0 that I miss but really like the gui on this as well)
                      8) Chained tasks (<< this is a HUGE feature!)
                      9) Ability to get very granular on tasks/views

                      ...like I said...just a few :)

                      I was concerned at first because it was such a huge difference from ePO 361 but after a few days of use, I'm completely sold.

                      I did a clean install and built this from scratch and a lot of the reasons for not trying to upgrade was the ability to sort everything and use RSD to populate my tree. I manually added a number of sample clients to figure out my sorting then went to town.

                      No regrets whatsoever...

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                        Thanks for that Jeff - much appreciated :)

                        WRT to "task chaining" and tagging benefits - are you talking about server side tasks or client side ?

                        Also with the tagging and seraching nois it finally possible to actually get ePO to "DO" something with the search results ?


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                          What do you mean?
                          If you're talking about sorting the tagged systems, it's easier and more "dynamic" than before.
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