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    ESM Full Backup - Estimated Space Needed


      Hello All,

      I am someone relatively new to the ESM, and I am currently trying to calculate what amount of space I need to perform a full backup of the system. Technical Article ID: KB85742 stated to go to the following directory and sum the total values:

      •   a = size of  /usr/local/ess/data/
      •   b = size of  /data_hd/usr/local/ess/data/
      •   c = size of /index_hd/usr/local/ess/data/
      •   d = size of /Das1_hd/usr/local/data/  (this will apply only if you have a Direct Attached Storage (DAS) device connected to your ESM)
      •   e = add 10% to (a+b+c+d)
      Can someone guide me through those steps, or is there an easier way to do this via the SIEM's UI?
      Thanks in advance!