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    ePO 5.3.2 RSD 5.0.4 - OUI exception list


      Hi all,


           i'm administering an environment and still tuning the RSD function. i' like to balance the RSD administration with the use of manual Exceptions and the global RSD configuration adding a list of OUI to ignore

      has anyone experience in this? does it work ? i set it up few days ago and i'm still adding more OUI to the list but i have the impression that sensors are still detecting rogues with OUI that should be ignored.

      your cooperation is welcome

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          by chance i think i fixed the problem by myself.

          i was reviewing RSD policy again, and checking the prod guide.

          as shown below , in the communication tab i changed from 5 to 10min the fist two fileds

          then i selected "use local sensor election" and "All sensor active" as somehow suggested in the guide.

          even if these changes seems not having anything in relation with the OUIs exclusion, the fact is that now the exclusion is working....

          not sure if you have an explanation for this, but anyway...