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    Agent in DMZ as Agenthandler not working


      Hey McAfee fans,


      I have a problem.

      I did an Agentupgrade from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5 on all my machines.

      Since the update my AgentHandler in the DMZ stops working like every 30 minutes.

      Sometimes it helps to restart the service, sometimes it doesn´t.

      After a fresh install it will work for like 10 minutes and then stop. You see red marked text in the Agent-Monitor indicating that he´s not able to communicate to ePO (what was fine in the first 10 minutes).

      I had a call open with McAfee and they couldn´t figure it out. The case went to a specialist.

      In the meantime I tried to downgrade back to 5.0.4 so see if it helps and voila everything is up and running.

      Now the "specialist" closed my ticket as the problem seems solved!?

      Really McAfee? That´s it?


      Someone here how can help me?


      ePO version is 5.3.2