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    McAfee Total Protection - Virus Scan is not working


      I have an active subscription of McAfee Total Protection but still McAfee says that the 'Computer is at risk'.


      When I go to PC Security tab then I see that the real time scanning is off. When I click on it then the Features screen comes up which asks to add VirusScan to existing McAfee protection. I click the checkbox and click next, McAfee downloads and installs VirusScan. When it is done, there is Finish button, I click on Finish and even then 'Computer is at risk'.


      Even Windows say that there is No Virus Protection installed. I am using Windows7 on a lenovo PC.


      Also, whenever I restart my PC, I have to download and install VirusScan again using above stated method.


      I've tried MVT and it shows me some errors that it can't solve.


      I've also uninstalled and re-installed McAfee but that didn't make any difference.


      What is the issue with McAfee/VirusScan? Please help solve this problem.