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    R 15.1 R2 still get stuck in update


      One of my Windows 7 pcs, was "stuck in update" again, running 15.1.R2.  I did my usual restart the pc, do a manual update and leave the window open.


      The update completed installing updates.    After the update, the version was still 15.1 R2, security center 15.4.4031 (from 4/20) and Virus Scan engine 2973 (from 5/8 two days ago).


      I redid the manual update, leaving the window open.  The update completed installing updates.  After that the window repeatedly showed my PC was not safe and real time scan was off.  I would click to turn it back on, and it would again say real time scan was off.


      I checked the version and I was back to Internet Security 14.0 R13, but security Center was 15.4.4053 (5/10)  and Virus scan engine 2975 (5/10).


      The updates never said a reboot was required, but I decided to reboot, just in case.  After the reboot, the messages about real time scan being off did not occur.   Internet security center version was back to 15.1. R2, Security Center 15.4.4053 (5/10) and Virus scan engine 2975 (5/10).


      So when is the "stuck in update" problem going to be fixed?

      And why did the update not tell me a reboot was required?

      And why did it appear to revert to 14.0 R13 and keep telling me real time scan was off?