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    Installing HIPS Patch 4

      I'm trying to install HIPS Patch 4 to several computers. According to the instrucions, it says to "Disable Host IPS protection with an ePolicy Orchestrator delivered policy" or the local client UI.

      I'd like to do this remotely since most of the computers are at different sites (from the ePO).

      Question is how do I "Disable the Host IPS Protection" remotely (to different machines or an entire site) via the ePO Console. I will need to do this to push the HIPS Patch 4 to all machines at different sites.

      Thank you!!!
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          Which version of ePO are you currently running/using?

          You can do also this way:
          To install using ePolicy Orchestrator, add the package to the ePolicy Orchestrator repository and deploy using an ePolicy Orchestrator agent Update task.

          Or manually to disable the host ips:
          Disable the HIPS client manually:

          1. Open C:\Program Files\Mcafee\Host Intrusion Prevention\ and locate McAfeeFire.exe.
          2. Double-click McAfeeFire.exe.
          3. Click Task, Unlock User Interface.
          4. Type the unlock code, and select Administrator Password.
          NOTE: By default, this is abcde12345. (Normally, this code can be changed in the Host Intrusion Prevention 6.0.0 : General, Client UI, Advanced Options section in the Policies tab of the ePO console.
          5. Once unlocked, click the IPS Policy tab.
          6. Uncheck Enable Host IPS and Enable Network IPS. (The Firewall Policy can be disabled on its own tab.)
          7. Select Task, Exit.

          So I think there must be some ips policy in your policy catalog in the ePO console.