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    McAfee Internet Security 2016 - Exclude Folder from Real Time Scan.



      I have a app called Vorpx that when starting creates a temp file that it uses. However as soon as its created it gets quarantined and the app fails to load.


      The file is created in  c:\users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Vorpx


      The file has a random name each time the app is run so I cannot use a file name exclusion.







      I want to exclude that folder, however there does not seem to be an option. Only the ability to exclude a specific filename. The only solution is to switch off Real Time Scanning which defeats the purpose of this product.


      Does anyone know how to exclude a specific folder? or if wildcards can be used within the file exclusion? (Naturally only for that folder)


      Any help would be appreciated.