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    ATD file types in Web Gateway?


      Does anyone have a good cross reference between ATD supported file types and media types in Web Gateway?

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          you can find the ATD supported filetypes in the ATD manual.


          There are some steps which really help:

          - Write a Special LOG File in MWG which files are sent to ATD. So you can figure out whats going on and why.

          - Take a look for files which are uploaded to ATD where ATD Reports an error.

          - do NOT upload anything and then remove the file types you do not Need. Start from the other side, upload files step-by-step to ATD.

          - Be absolutely careful with no PE Files and Composite objects. Also any Kind of compressed files.


          Finally, what Information in Detail you Need regarding the "cross reference".


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            By cross reference, I am looking for documentation that cross references between file types which are how ATD documents what files types are support and media types which are how file types can be selected in MWG to be sent to ATD.  For example, ATD documentation states .COM file types are supported, I am looking for a document that provides a cross reference from a .COM file type to the appropriate media type such as application/xyz.  Its not always obvious.


            I'm sure I can build out my own cross reference but I was hoping to save some time and leverage an existing one.



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              first of all, .com ist not a file type. It is only a file Extension. So, first of all Forget file extensions. MWG and ATD are detecting samples based on theire real file type and not based on the Extension.


              You may take a look on page 116 to 118 in the ATD Manual where the supported filetypes are listed.

              MWG for example: MWG provides a managed list for "executables"


              I do not have much time today, just take a look at the ATD Manual and the MWG properties for Filetypes. Finally i do not konw any cross reference for that.


              Let me know if you need further help.