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    ePO 4 Event Parser Error hr=80040e10 and Virusscan 8.7

      UPDATE 04.10.2009 11:00 EST:

      I exported my Virusscan 8.7 policies and removed both the VIRUSSCAN8700.zip and VIRUSSCANREPORTS.zip. Reimported both, setup my policies (no luck).

      I also tried KB53705 and 542311 rows were effected for the first query. I then removed the VIRUSSCANREPORTS.zip and then imported VIRUSSCANREPORTS.zip, still does not work.

      I moved from a SQL 2000 database on another server to SQL 2005 MSDE running on the same server about when this problem started happening two weeks ago. I do believe they are related. The problem is the only events not being processed are virus events, everything else is working i.e. being processed properly.


      I am getting the following in my ePO 4 event parser event log:

      20090409161349 E #4928 CEPODAL::ExecQuery DAL error: Procedure or function 'VSE_InsertVirusDetectionEvent' expects parameter '@szVirusType', which was not supplied.
      20090409161349 E #4928 VseBll DAL->ExecQuery failed. hr=80040e10
      20090409161349 E #4928 evtp COM Error :80004005 ePOBllExt_ProcessEvent
      20090409161349 E #4928 evtp Meaning = Unspecified error
      20090409161349 E #4928 evtp Source = (null)
      20090409161349 E #4928 evtp Description = (null)

      I have tried doing KB50757 replacing Virusscan 8.7 where 8.5 is mentioned in the KB to no avail. I have tried removing the VirusScan Enterprise Reports (VIRUSSCANREPORTS.zip) and readding, stop/starting the event parsing service, etc.

      Any ideas would be much appreciated.