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    McAfee Agent Deployment Installed Japanese Language Files?

      I just deployed the new McAfee Agent from our new ePO 4.0 server to a regular server (it was an upgrade from the ePO agent), and instead of installing the English language files it installed the Japanese language files. Does anyone here know why this may have happened? Both the ePO server and this target server reside in the United States with English as the default language for Windows Server 2003.

      I tried uninstalling the agent via frminst /forceuninstall command, and because it's in Japanese I have no idea what the hell it's telling me.

      Very irritated right now.
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          I had the same problem. By phone to McAfee they said I should go to my account page,
          and after uninstalling McAfee, reinstall from there. That's not very clear. If you send me your email address I will forward to you the instructions they sent me. Somewhere in the process you must click English; I never saw it. My account page said I was valid until July 2009. I renewed at a discounted rate of $29, and then carried out the reinstallation. Hope that is of some help.
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            Create a new task "deployment product mcafee agent" or something like that.

            Here are the config:

            You have to execute right now, redeployment agent.

            Sau what happened. silly
            • 3. Japanese back to English
              McAfee has been reinstalled in English and functioning OK.
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                Hihi :D

                Have fun (the issues begin :P )
                • 5. Japanese back to English
                  wakarimasen. I don't understand.
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                    I think he's joking that now you can read the messages you'll start to realise you've got problems wink
                    • 7. Language install...

                      On the language issue(s), we've found a few things out (the painful way).

                      We're not in an English-speaking country (.lu for the curious-minded ;))null but we'd like to have our software in English so as to have a standardised setup instead of letting users chose between 4 "usual" languages. Now in Windows' "Regional and Language Options" people usually put the language in which they'll write documents (as it has an impact on the spellchecker's default settings).

                      We've found that if a user's input locale are set to French, then the install tasks then install the French versions of the McAfee Agent and VSE and other soft. Even when we say we want to install the English version, at the following update it reverts to French. :eek:

                      Now I was able to use the language switch for the agent in ePO's install tasks... the result being that we have some systems on which the agent is in French, others on which it's in English and on all systems VSE is in some other language... There being no relation between the language of the agent and the language of VSE or HIPS... :confused:

                      Bother !
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                        In your client tasks : you can iniate an installation (VSE or Hips) task => you choose your language and by default it is an adapted language (you certainly own french systems wink ).

                        .lu which country is it ? happy

                        I can translate your French versions grin You also speak English very well (better than me grin )
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                          :cool: (I could also write in French but English is the standard here... )

                          For some reason the only language option I have for VSE is "language neutral"... I'll have to see if I can download additional language packs to have it in English... I assumed the default would be English...

                          Thanks for pointing me in that direction.


                          PS: I won't even answer to any insidious hints about ".lu" ;)
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