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    ePO 4 - Bandwidth Calculation by Group

      My first post so hi all!

      I have a requirement to create a report that will calculate the bandwidth used per site (Group) A line graph per hour for a day would be exactly what I was after. And a rollup report to show the bandwidth used for all Groups.

      From the ePO 4 training course material, it notes the following:

      o Agent Deployment – 3.76 MB
      o Agent Wake-up Call – 8 KB
      o Policy Update – 4 KB
      o Wake-up with Full Properties – 25 KB
      o Agent to Server Comms. (No changes) – 1.5 KB
      o Event transfer from agent to server – 2 KB

      I wanted to know if I can pull the above events from the database, that way I can use the event count multiplied by the bandwidth used, grouped by Site and then Hour between two given Date/Time variables would give me the 'admin' traffic that is flying around per site. (I hope).

      It may determine when global policy/tasks updates take place.

      I can write SQL, but happy to do this in ePO if possible (Although I can't see it in the web GUI) or I can connect directly to the backend DB.

      Has anyone else done this or know the events that I should be looking to group my queries on?

      Or already have an SQL Script for it :-)

      Any info would be appreciated.