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    Help me with web based console report

      Hi everybody, please help me this
      we used epo 3.6, and i have to send report every week
      My report included : DAT/Definition Deployment Summary last week
      Current of Newer last week ( from DAT/Definition Deployment Summary )
      Unprotected last week ( from DAT/Definition Deployment Summary )
      Action Summary by top 10 Threats
      Now we updated to 4.0 and my boss give me account to log in web based console, asked me to send report, I choose REPORT tab, and creat new queries, but I don't know which one can export data for the information i need
      We have many queries and each have many options ( colume, filter,.. to choose)
      Please help me to create queries that have information for my report and if you have any idea, please post here to help me
      I 'm from non English country, sorry for my bad English

      Thanks a lot