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    Unfamiliar and uncomfortable McAfee support


      On 4/27 I had a problem where the mcafee icon was always showing 'updates being installed'.  This never ended and reboot did not change anything.  I started a chat and was told to download and run Pre-Install_Tool.exe.  That tool told me that there was a problem that it couldn't fix. (unfortunately I did not write down the error message). The chat person said a tech would call and assigned ticket number A2393.  I received a call a few minutes later and was told to go to www.helpme.net where they could take control of my PC.  The tech opened a DOS box and ran a 'Dir /s' on my C-drive.  At the end it said 'trojan found'.  This whole process was unfamiliar to me and very suspicious.  I've spent hours with chat and tech support and never heard of Pre-Install_Tool or helpme.net or scanning my PC with a directory command.  They've taken control in other ways - never with www.helpme.net.  And support always had me install and run MVT.exe.  At the point of the 'trojan found' message the tech tried to sell me a $179 product guaranteed to fix this and keep it from happening again.  He couldn't tell me what trojan was found.  This whole process got me very paranoid and I got off the call not knowing if somehow I was duped or what.  I have my own recovery mechanisms - I swapped the boot HDD with a clone from several months ago and ran an update script to update critical files and fixed my own problem. 

      Am I crazy or is this the new way that mcafee does their online support?

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          First you seem to have called a non Mcafee private support site. Mcafee support is free and only the techmaster option costs.  What $179 Product do you remember?


          Also that ticket number is not a normal McAfee support SR number they are way longer. cf SR 200-983-7673 as an example


          After saying the above I saw you said you started a chat was this via the McAfee support page below?



          To check if you had a trojan you can scan the disk with some of these free tools

          Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


          The installing stuck is a current issue reinstalling mcafee if rebooting does not fix the issue is 1 way that should fix it especially as a new version of Mcafee is being released slowly ie 15.1.R2


          I will ping the forum tech to have a read here and comment


          Mate can you comment as to whether this user actually was talking to your support i feel not

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            I did start out on the usual mcafee support page accessed by the 'support' link you provided.  McAfee consumer support and I clicked PC.  I engaged in a chat.  Ran Pre-Install_tool and that led to them saying a tech would call in a few minutes and someone did.  Does mcafee take control with www.helpme.net?  I don't know exactly what product they were trying to sell me.  I knew I didn't need it and was anxious to get off.  I was suspicious that something happened and I wasn't sure what.   $179 is the price of mcafee's concierge product.  Is Pre-Install _tool.exe a McAfee program?

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              Yes *McAfee Pre-install* is a legitimate program. In addition (Helpme.net) is also a part of *Gotoassist* remote software. Having said all of this,your Technical Support should be (Free) as long as your subscription is active and current.

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                Glad to know pre-install and helpme.net are part of mcafee.  I don't recall either the last time I needed support.  I just remember MVT and something they always wanted run.  The person who was trying to sell me on the $179 product said mcafee doesn't find trojans -- I found this hard to believe and was one of the reasons I cut the session short and said I had my own way of fixing this.  I did get a 'support key' (264-658-245) and the tech said his name was 'Harry Robinson'.  Does mcafee ever use a 'Dir /s' as a tool to scan for viruses?  That, too, red-flagged me. 

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                  I also see that the techmaster gold product is $179 and includes virus removal services (among other things).

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                    Yes ,that is indeed a legitimate service. However in your case you simply do not need it,and should never had been offered it?

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                      Well, I was.  He definitely wanted to sell me something for $179. 

                      The whole process all looked kind of flaky to me but I am glad to find that pre-install_tool.exe and www.helpme.net are part of mcafee's support assistance. 

                      I still can't figure out how a directory command for my C drive root directory (dir /s) which just scrolled through all my directories came back with a 'trojan found' at the command prompt.  I also didn't like being told that mcafee AV doesn't find trojans.  That struck me as very odd and a red flag. 

                      Anyway, I swapped my C drive and updated my personal critical/important files it with an update script of mine and put the trojan infected(?) drive aside for now.  I've downloaded mcafee tools (GetSusp, RootkitRemover and Stinger) and plan to run them and see what they turn up (hopefully nothing),

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                        I would also run malwarebytes.

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