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    Enable Correlation


      I have a All in One ESM. I am following the document "SIEM Foundations:Enable Correlation". When I try to create a Data source on my event Receiver for the McAfee Correlation Engine I receive the following error:


      Only one Correlation data source allowed per receiver. (ER273)


      I have searched the box and I do not have any other correlation engines running. Has anyone else ran into this issue or know how to correct it?



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          Hmm, if you do not already have added a Correlation Engine to your receiver I would suggest you contact support.


          But before that click on "Receiver Properties -> Data Source -> Write" button and then try again to add your Correlation Engine.

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            Change your Device view to Device Type.


            Scroll down to

            If it's there you already defined it.

            you can edit it to a more appropriate name there, and also enable disable and remove it as needed.



            You likely named something odd and it's berried in the list