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    Multiple EPO servers...?


      I've been looking thru McAfee's documentation and its somewhat sparse on the subject of Multiple EPO 4 servers. (Frankly its a bit sparse full stop!!)

      Ideally i'd like to run two - so our large (12k clients, 300+ sites) environment can have:
      1) Some resiliancy
      2) spread the bandwidth load between two sites (essentially a star network)

      Can anybody point me in the right direction?

      Ideally i'd like to achieve:
      1) Central point of management - keep all clients reporting to one server
      2) Both EPO servers know about ALL the repositories.
      3) Both EPO servers know about the repository replication success/failures

      Cheers all :),

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          Currently with EPO4 the server are completely unaware of each other. You have to manage different repositories, polices and even agents.

          With EPO 4.5 things will be different - you can have one 'master' EPO server and share polices/agents etc (From what the beta docs say)

          Will still be a good few months until its out though.