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    Ye olde "Query returns no results" chestnut......

      Hi there,

      Apologies if this has been asked before, i have searched before posting....

      Software environment as follows:-

      ePO 4 Patch 4 (naimserv.dll version
      Windows Agent 4.0.0 (minor version 1345)

      VSE 8.0.0 (minor version 912) (defunct and needs removing)
      VSE 8.5.0 (minor version 781) + hotfix 6 (99% of 650 clients)
      VSE 8.7.0 (minor version 570) (just IT dept for compatability testing)
      ASE 8.5.0 (minor version 163)
      ASE 8.7.0 (minor version 129)
      SCP 2.0.0 (minor version 189)
      SCP Templates version 503
      SCP Templates 2.0 version 163


      VSE 8.5 version
      VSE 8.7 version
      VSEReports version
      ASE 8.5 version
      ASE 8.7 version
      SCP version


      Since upgrading to patch 4 last week, and importing VSE\ASE 8.7, the following two reporting queries for AntiSpyware return 'Query did not return any results'.

      "VSE: Spyware Detected in the Last 24 Hours"
      "VSE: Spyware Detected in the Last 7 Days"

      The same applies for all SCP queries.

      I have upgraded this server to every version since epo2... so i have been using it a while! I'm certain it is a problem with the extensions but i'm fairly happy i have the latest versions from our 'product downloads' portal...

      Can anybody point me in the right direction?

      Many thanks.