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    ePO 4.0 Patch 4 Upgrade Reinstalls Junk!?

      I prefer to have a lean & mean ePO server, so all I want on it are policies, queries and extensions for ePO (obviously) and VirusScan as that's all we're using it for. After going from patch 3 to patch 4 this morning, I noticed I have lots of crap that I already manually removed that's not pertinent to our environment, such as...

      System Profiler

      Why does the upgrade reinstall all that crap? I've wasted the last 20-30 minutes just removing this crap, and would prefer to not have to do this the next time a patch is released.

      Is there a fast way of deleting all this without having to do it manually within the ePO console? I removed the extensions and most of the policies, but there has to be more than 30 different queries I'd like to remove. Doing that manually will take a long long time.