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    Update Error


      We recently installed Endpoint Security on our Red Hat 6.x servers.  All of the installs completed without any errors however six of them will not run updates.  I set the logs to debug and the errors I see are:


      May 04 08:12:23 XXXXXX ERROR LPC [1898] .Exception in adding of product ID to updater service

      May 04 08:12:23 XXXXXX ERROR AMUpdater [1898] Error occurred during adding update product id during DAT and Engine update


      I've tried searching the knowledge base and Google without success, any help would be appreciated

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          There is a new Patch 1 posted to website - (it will install over 534 or 624 builds) would give that a shot.

          Can you clarify McAfee Agent version installed???

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            Agent version is 5.0 but it does not appear to be running.  Does the agent run as a service or does it run on demand when the update task is run?

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              Are you sure - it should not install on anything prior to  5.0.3. (would recommended now at least 5.0.4)


              If the Agent is not functioning that's the reason for the error this handles the tasks (updater service)  for the product.

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                All of the file names I'm looking at in /opt/McAfee/cma/lib/tools end in ".5.0".  Should a reinstall correct the issue or do we need to uninstall then reinstall?

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                  rpm -qa | grep MFEcma


                  Removing reinstalling ENSL most likely won't repair a non-functioning agent - would remove both.

                  Install agent make sure it working then install the ENSl 624 build and the Patch 1 - these are available with Grant number from download site. 

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                    After a lot more digging and troubleshooting I was able to manually start the agent service on all of the affected boxes and was able to run the update task.  Our senior Linux admin is going to look at why the agent isn't starting on boot.  If all else fails we'll take your suggestion and uninstall both products